For questions 1–60, choose the best word or phrase (A, B, C or D).
I ________ got a dog but I have got a cat.
Jack: I love Rita Ora! ____________ her? Mike: No. I prefer Ed Sheeran.
Molly: _____________ play a musical instrument, John? John: Yes. I play the guitar.
That’s Tom. She’s ________ to her friend.
Amy: Where _________ you yesterday? Jane: I was at my mother’s house.
Anthony: Messi’s the______footballer in the world. Ricardo: No, he isn’t. Ronaldo is!
I _________ to music every day.
Dad: Where are you going? Mum: To the _________ I need to buy some boots.
Jill is very ________. She always helps me when I have a problem.
You _________ tell anyone – it’s a secret.
When I was five I ____________ ride a bike but now I can.
While we __________ to school, it started raining. Luckily we had an umbrella!
Tom: What are you doing tonight? Ben: I __________ tennis with Michael. Do you want to come?
I haven’t finished cleaning my room________.
If ____________ to the concert later, ________-____ with you.
He’s a __________. He writes articles for the newspaper.
Customer: I’d like a ________ of pizza, please. Server: Of course. Here you are.
Ian: These trousers are a bit big. Dad: Yes, I think you need to buy a ________ .
That is the man ________ name I can’t pronounce.
My best friend isn’t ____________ my sister.
Can you turn the music down, it’s _________.
James: What _______ if you _________€100 in the street? Lisa: I’d give it to the police.
My brother and sister ________ play basketball together when they were younger.
I didn’t enjoy _________ my homework last night.
Mum: What’s the matter? Natalie: I drank too much cold water and now my throat is ___________.
I am very ________ in learning German next year.
If I don’t know a word I always _______ using an online dictionary.
I’ve lived in Berlin_______ 20 years but I’ve never visited Berlin Zoo.
By this time next week, we ________ our project and we’ll be on holiday!
This film, _______ won three Oscars, stars Johnny Depp and is directed by Tim Burton.
It _______ John who used the tablet because he doesn’t know the password.
If you _______ football for five hours you _______ so tired
I wish I ________ as well as her. She’s got such a lovely voice.
When we entered the church it was _______ inside.
My teacher is very good ________ grammar.
Nina, could you ______ me some money, please?
Tom: Where are you? ________ here for an hour. Emma: Sorry. I overslept.
It was ________ cold that we decided to snot to go for a walk.
The _______ I concentrate the _________ I finish my work.
You ______ brought food. We have got plenty here.
We’ll play a game tonight ________ you have done your homework.
You took part in the same conference last year, ___________.
The _________ from the airport into London was expensive but quick.
When I _______ money, I usually take out €40 from the cash machine.
Max always __________ his important computer documents on an external drive.
If the computer doesn’t work try _______ it off and on again.
The suspect ______ being near the bank at the time of the crime.
The man is believed _______ over a thousand marathons since he started.
Paul didn’t like decorating so he got a professional decorator ______ his flat for him.
_________ all her emails, she switched off her computer.
If you’re angry, just tell him. You should get it off your _______ .
You should take a few days off work. It won’t _______ you any harm.
Slow down, Barry. I can’t _______ you.
Budapest is a wonderful city full of culture and _______ in history.
I liked my new English teacher, _________ was fortunate, as she also was teaching us history.
Mum: Laura, have you done the dishes yet? Laura: Well, I _______ doing them, but then I had to answer my phone
_______ the film started when the phone rang
Do you remember _____ helping your parents with housework when you were a child?
My aunt Jane bears a(n) _______ resemblance to a famous rock star.
My sister and my father like to win. There is a competitive ________ running through our family.
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